About Presence - A Journey into Ourselves de Carlos L-Abbate

About Presence - A Journey into Ourselves de Carlos L-Abbate
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Anul publicării: 2017


Why are we beggars of love? What is a peaceful mind and how can we reach it? What is true freedom? Who am I? Carlos L'Abbate, an Argentinian who currently lives in Bucharest, has spent most of his life travelling and studying, in order to find the answers to these questions.

He now teaches 'Yoga of Presence', a type of physical practice that is focused on being present in the moment and finding peace with ourselves. The book is a collection of short notes inspired by his search for truth and by the discussions with his students and mentors. No 'spiritual jargon', no examples that seem far-fetched. Simple, clear, down-to-earth writing, that points to the true nature of ourselves.

Anul aparitiei: 2017


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