Beauty and the Beast. Graded Readers level 2 - Elementary - readers pack with CD

Beauty and the Beast. Graded Readers level 2 - Elementary - readers pack with CD
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Anul publicării: 2006
Categoria: Engleza


This moving tale of love and devotion tells the story of a rich man and his family. He loves all his children but his youngest child is so pretty that everyone simply calls her Beauty. Unfortunately, the father loses his fortune and travels across the world in the hope of saving his family. Beauty is the only daughter who doesn't love money and when the father becomes a prisoner, it is Beauty who gives up her freedom to save him by going to live with the ugly Beast in a magical castle. Read and discover all about their wonderful friendship and the surprising end of their story.

Key features

Stories which have been carefully graded for each level according to vocabulary, grammatical structures, sentence length and plot complexity
Full-colour illustrations closely integrated with the text which stimulate learners and facilitate understanding
The ideal springboard for the development of learners' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Activity Book
Audio CD

No. of pages: 32+56
Year: 2006


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