Diplomatic law de Gabriel Micu
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Diplomatic law de Gabriel Micu

Diplomatic law de Gabriel Micu
Preț: 31,50 lei
35,00 lei (-10%)
Disponibilitate: In stoc furnizor
Timp confirmare stoc: 3 - 5 zile lucratoare
Anul publicării: 2017
Pagini: 276
Categoria: Carti diverse


Since antiquity, the power of law was treated as a command and, therefore, was enacted to prohibit, permit or punish, thereby regulating the life and activity in a community. In this sense, there can be mentioned Seneca's opinion that said "The laws, is said, are not making us behave properly. And what else are they than advice blended with threats? First of all they do not convince, because they include threats, while advice do not compel anyone, but persuade him. Then, laws stop crime, while precepts urge to the fulfillment of debt (...). In this matter, I differ from Posidonius who says, 'I do not come to terms with the fact that to the laws of Platon there were added also principles, because the law must be made with a voice coming from heaven to command, not to stand in question (...). However, they are useful and you will see that cities that have real bad laws, have bad habits. "

Nr. de pagini: 276
Anul aparitiei: 2017


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