Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Level 3 (Elementary - about 1100 basic words)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Level 3 (Elementary - about 1100 basic words)
Anul publicării: 2009
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Reader: Level 3 (Elementary - about 1100 basic words)

"Mr Hyde?" Utterson asked. The small man did not look at Utterson."That is my name," he said in a low voice."What do you want?""I am a friend of Dr Henry Jekyll," said Utterson."You won't find him here," said Mr Hyde."How do you know who i am?"
"Dr Jekyll told me about you," said Utterson.
"He never told you," said Mr Hyde."You're lying!" Mr Hyde opened the door quickly. He disappeared into the house and locked the door behind him.
"I shall know your face again, Mr Hyde," Utterson said to the locked door."I shall remember your face."

-Notes about the life of Robert Louis Stevenson.
-Notes about the story
-Points for Understanding comprehension questions

Anul publicarii: 2009
Format: 13x20
Pagini: 63


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