Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Six-Volume Set

Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Six-Volume Set
Anul publicării: 2009
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“This is a comprehensive and creative collection of reviews of every imaginable aspect of the microbial world from ABC transport to zoonoses. The scope, detail and organization of this four-volume set is truly remarkable. The editor provides the reader with a limitless supply of reference material for teaching purposes, research, or historical perspective. This encyclopedia is an all-encompassing reference to meet the needs of the diverse number of disciplines dealing with microorganisms, including public health and agricultural and industrial microbiology, to name a few. To this end, the text is a huge success as the editor has provided a balanced compendium of topics in which no discipline is short-changed. The organization of this book is a strong feature.…….. The list of contributors is a veritable who’s who in the field of microbiology, truly reflecting a world-wide consortium of authors. The complexity and array of subject matter covered in this book is (in the current vernacular) awesome! Once the secret is out, this text should find itself on the office shelves of all professional microbiologists and in the library of every academic microbiology department throughout the world.”


Antimicrobial Agents
Applied Microbiology: Agro / Food
Applied Microbiology: Industrial
Cell Morphology, Chemical Composition
Genetics, Genomics
History and Culture
History and culture, (and Biographies)
Microbial Ecology
Microbiology and Society
Model Systems
Mutualism and Commensalism
Systematics, Evolution

Editura: Academic Press
Anul: 2009
Editia: 3
Pagini: 4600


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