Grammar for you. Rules and exceptions

Grammar for you. Rules and exceptions
Anul publicării: 2006
Categoria: Gramatica
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Grammar for you. Rules and exceptions de Elena Petre. This book is principally for teachers of Romanian who teach Romanian either as a foreign or as a native language. It covers detailed an up-to-date information
concerning contemporary Romanian from definitions and tables with desinences to thorough paradigms of inflexion and a rich inventory of examples for all
parts of speech.
Although intended for teachers the book will be invaluable to Romanian and foreign linguists interested in Romance studies. Special emphasis is placed on the
characteristic elements of Romanian morphology  and syntax witch give the particular 'pshysiognomy' of Romanian as a Romance language.

Autor: Elena Petre, Elisabeta Sosa, Gabriela Biris
Pagini: 344
Anul aparitiei: 2006


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