Listening and speaking skills with answer key and Audio CD - Focusing on IELTS

Listening and speaking skills with answer key and Audio CD - Focusing on IELTS
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Anul publicării: 2011
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The Focusing on IELTS series provides a comprehensive, up-to-date learning package that develops the skills students need as they prepare for the IELTS examination. The series consists of two skills books, Listening and Speaking Skills, and Reading and Writing Skills (suitable for both the General Training and Academic modules), and two books of practice tests, one for each module. The series is ideal for independent study or class use.


- Clear explanations about what is in the IELTS test and how it is assessed, detailed guidance on strategies to improve test performance and in-depth instruction to build specific test skills
- A wide range of practical exercises and examples to extend skills
- Guidance on how to develop a self-study programme with complete sample practice tests and a full
answer key for all exercises and practice tests
- Four Audio CDs for listening and speaking, with a range of accents
- Sample recorded speaking tests with a detailed analysis of each candidate

Autori: Steven Thurlow, Kerry O'Sullivan
Anul aparitiei: 2011
Format: 21x27
Nr. pagini: 206


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