Mickey Rogers, Open Mind 2nd Edition Level 3A Student s Book Pack with DVD

Mickey Rogers, Open Mind 2nd Edition Level 3A Student s Book Pack with DVD
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Anul publicării: 2015
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The openMind 2nd edition Student's Book Pack A contains a split edition of the print Student's Book covering units 1-6. Each unit incorporates the course theme of Life Skills, along with Grammar sections, Support boxes and a writing syllabus. A DVD with video is included and a webcode providing access to the Student's Resource Center where video worksheets and audio are available.

 Key Features

Print Student’s Book with engaging activities
This Split edition contains Units 1-6
Clear, vibrant and visual unit openers
Revised Grammar sections with a step-by-step structure to make understanding easier
Independent Learning boxes such as‘Notice!’,‘How are you doing?’ and‘Reflect’
Each unit follows the course theme of Life Skills
Webcode included– providing access to the Student’s Resource Center
The Student’s Resource Center contains extra downloadable video worksheets and Class audio MP3
Accompanying DVD with video

Authors: Mickey Rogers, Joanne Taylore - Knowles, Steve Taylore - Knowles
No. of pages: 70
Year: 2015


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