Natural and Social Science 6. Activity Book Pack

Natural and Social Science 6. Activity Book Pack
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Anul publicării: 2012
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Cartea autorului Joanne Ramsden „Natural and Social Science 6. Activity Book Pack" de la editura MACMILLAN

Macmillan Natural and Social Science is a 6-level British English primary course covering all the levels in Spanish primary schools (ages 6-12). It is designed to meet the needs of teachers and pupils in bilingual schools who have 4-5 hours of English a week and who have science classes in English. The course begins by focusing on topics close to the pupil\\''s immediate environment (i. e. school and family) before extending outwards to less immediate topics such as matter and the Solar System in later levels. The emphasis is placed on the science content through the course. Although the language has been carefully graded and structured, this is not at the expense of the delivering the content. An integral part of the course is its hands-on-approach to learning Science. Through practical investigations, the pupils are encouraged to apply scientific thinking (making predictions and evaluating results) and learn through doing. The Activity Book provides further written practice and consolidation of the science content.



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