Reading Adventures 1. Students Book

Reading Adventures 1. Students Book
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Anul publicării: 2011
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Cartea autorului Carmella Lieske „Reading Adventures 1. Students Book" de la editura NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING

Reading Adventures is a three-level reading series which teaches both the language and knowledge learners need to fully participate in today\\''s global community. Using carefully adapted National Geographic text, images, and video, Reading Adventures develops both learners\\'' understanding of the wider world in which they live, and the language skills necessary to succeed in the classroom.

Each unit of Reading Adventures contains two related reading passages, covering a wide range of topics including culture, natural science, social issues, and world literature. Each unit also contains a video activity which can be done in class or at home.

* Reading Adventures is a low-beginning level reading series which uses age-appropriate text, images, and video from National Geographic to develop reading and vocabulary skills for learners of English.
* Detailed vocabulary presentation and practice promotes learner independence by introducing new vocabulary, including high-frequency terms, collocations, and affixes.
* Language Practice activities reinforce and consolidate learners\\'' understanding of the vocabulary and grammar structures found in each unit\\''s reading passages.
* Reading skills and strategies instruction offer students the practice and support necessary to be life-long learners, and succeed on high-stakes standardized exams.

ISBN: 9780840028419


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