Snapshot Elementary. Caiet de exercitii clasa a VI-a L2

Snapshot Elementary. Caiet de exercitii clasa a VI-a L2
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Anul publicării: 2007
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Snapshot Elementary. Caiet de exercitii clasa a VI-a L2 - LONGMAN. Prezentare - Snapshot Elementary. Caiet de exercitii clasa a VI-a L2. The 'Language Booster' is a flexible resource which offers self-access material for students in a wide range of teaching situations. It is not necessary for students to work through all the material, although they can do if they wish.
It provides substantial remedial work for slower learners, whilst challenging the more able
The 'Language Booster' is divided into two parts:
Gives practice in Grammar, Vocabulary and Communication, Reading and Writing
Has exercises at three levels: Stay Cool (easy), Move On (harder) and Go for it (challenging) and has been designed for mixed ability classes Contains What's Wrong? error correction exercises, Study Corners for learning tips and Culture Snapshots for cross-cultural comparison
An eight-episode serial story called Body Works appears after every two units, with accompanying comprehension activities
Grammar Highlights give further examples of the structures which are presented in each unit of the Students' Book, plus helpful additional notes
Contains extra grammar practice exercises
Units in the Grammar Builder can be used alongside the Workbook units, or at a later stage

Autori: Brian Abbs, Chris Barker and Ingrid Freebairn with Olivia Johnston


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