The Great Verb Game A2-B2, ELI

The Great Verb Game A2-B2, ELI
Preț: 60,00 lei
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Anul publicării: 2019


Level A2-B2

This game is a useful tool for practising verb conjugation as a strict sense of type and formation of sentence are involved; a very valid didactic instrument.
The cards show 100 different verbs in the infinitive. The players choose one card and throw the three dice: the green die for personal pronouns, the red for the sentence types and the yellow for the tense. With the indications shown, the player formulates a sentence. E. g. you + have breakfast + interrogative + yesterday = Did you have breakfast yesterday?
The teacher’s booklet contains suggestions for further ways to play with the materials and a complete list of the verbs.



 100 cards of verbs in the infinitive
 1 die indicating the tense: now, always, tomorrow, yesterday, ever/just, if
 1 die of personal pronouns
 1 die of symbols showing sentence type, e. g. positive, negative, interrogative
 A teacher’s booklet

 To learn to conjugate regular and irregular verbs

A Teacher's Guide is included.

The kit (21, 5x14, 5 cm) contains:
100 cards
3 dice
Teacher's Guide

Format: 21, 7 x 14, 7

Anul aparitiei: 2019


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