Time Flash level A Workbook with CD-Rom and Stickers (H. Q. Mitchell)

Time Flash level A Workbook with CD-Rom and Stickers (H. Q. Mitchell)
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Anul publicării: 2005
Categoria: Engleza


Time Flash is a two-level primary course in British English that follows the modular approach. It is based on the NLP theory (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and helps students to learn English in an enjoyable and effective way. It aims to guide children through their first steps in English in a delightfully imaginative learning environment.

Course features

Six well-balanced modules
Gradual development of the basic structures of English
Vocabulary explained through illustrations
Twelve units with songs, stories, factual texts (in which students learn about the world around them)
A variety of activities (listening, speaking, games, short writing activities with grammar practice and hands-on activities)
Six revision units to recycle and consolidate through stories and various activities
A play
A set of separate cut-outs incorporated at the back of the Student's Book
‘Festive Days'- photocopiable pages to be used when appropiate

No. of pages: 90
Year: 2005


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