You, asshole, YOU caused it - Three Steps To Choosing Individual Responsability For The Planet And Not Only

You, asshole, YOU caused it - Three Steps To Choosing Individual Responsability For The Planet And Not Only
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Anul publicării: 2016
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Bucharest in the nineteen seventies was a place clouded in fear and oppression, the brutal Ceausescu regime was at its most paranoid and the secret police had informers everywhere.

To speak with foreigners, or listen to BBC, was against the law and people went about their daily lives trying to be invisible to authorities.

It was in this climate of fear that a young 23-year-old Romanian girl devised a daring and very dangerous plan to escape Romania and make a new lifer for herself in the West.

This book is more than a nail biting escape story and the struggle to fit into a new and alien society, it's also an expression of her ongoing commitment to make available another point of view from which people worldwide can act on environmental issues.

The title of this book is an expression borrowed from Werner Erhard, a man for whom she holds great love and respect; in its pages you will find a unique perspective from where you can see the profound effect of the Est and Landmark training in the author's life.

Spread over four decades and three continents, from the grim streets of communist Europe to the holy places of Israel and India, and the Peruvian rainforest, the main and the most powerful theme of the book is self-education and individual responsibility, with their incredibly powerful consequences.

In in the pages of this book there was a tale, not her own life experience, one could say it is a tale of adventure and self-discovery, which opens up to the possibility that each and every one of us has the most important part to play in the present and the future of humanity.

Connie is a true visionary!

Page Count: 156
Publication Date: 2016


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