Zoom In Level B Students Book (Mitchell H. Q.)

Zoom In Level B Students Book (Mitchell H. Q.)
Anul publicării: 2001
Categoria: Engleza
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Zoom is an exciting three-level primary course in British English especially designed for complete beginners.

ZOOM a, b and c guide students through their first steps in English in a delightfully imaginative learning environment, which is simple and fun to recreate in the classroom.

Students Book features:

Well-organised syllabus
Eighteen well-balanced units
Gradual development of the basics structures of english
Vocabulary explined through illustrations
Listening activities
Communication activities
Songs, chants and games
Five revision units
Grammar and pronunciation review
Special sections on cross-cultural information leading to projects

Author(s): S. Parker, Mitchell H. Q.
No. of pages: 95
Year: 2001


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