Curs de limba engleza Fairyland 5 Activity Book de Virginia Evans

Curs de limba engleza Fairyland 5 Activity Book de Virginia Evans
Preț: 32,20 lei
35,00 lei (-8%)
Disponibilitate: In stoc furnizor
Timp confirmare stoc: 3 - 5 zile lucratoare
Anul publicării: 2010
Categoria: Engleza


"Fairyland is a new course at primary level. Young learners enter a world of fantasy and adventure where learning English becomes a memorable and rewarding experience! Join us and feel the magic! Fairyland Starter is a variation of Fairyland 1 with a gentle introduction to reading and writing in addition to the existing listening and speaking practice.

Key Features interesting dialogues with a touch of magic presentation of vocabulary through colour flashcards and posters lively songs and chants gentle practice of all four skills craftwork, projects and portfolio activities constant recycling of vocabulary and grammar Activity Book in full colour step-by-step interleaved Teacher´s Book Teacher´s Resource Pack with reinforcement and extension activities posters and flashcards"

For ages 12-17
Format Paperback | 104 pages
Dimensions 220 x 280 x 5mm | 320g
Publication date 15 Jun 2010
Language English
ISBN10 1849748586
ISBN13 9781849748582


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