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Interiors – Emma Alina Brahas – Editura Letras, 2023

Interiors is about the soul. The soul is captured in a frame. Even thought is in a frame on the wall. Little does the image matter, it has become erased, becoming another interior convention.

Interiors is also about emotion. The emotion of the creative effort comes with the creation of the artwork. When you start the words on the blank paper in the emotion of thinking you have found the right rhyme to end the poem. Or a counterpoint that breaks the linearity of the dance.

These blurred movements taken to the abstract are based on the inner and outer observation of the sum of emotions with which we write the chapters of life.

In the polychromy of each day’s pages I chose black and white photography because it is closer to the truth. I would go so far as to say that the emotion of happiness means white and when the soul cries it can no longer hear all the Music and sadness sets in. With these two notes of each moment we follow our path and leave behind us something that reminds us that we passed through here with holiness.


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