Life is not a picnic, Lior Bebera, ONE BOOK

Life is not a picnic, Lior Bebera, ONE BOOK
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Anul publicării: 2020
Categoria: Motivational


Success is oftentimes the result of hard work, of turning challenges into opportunities, of working against all odds, of believing in yourself and of never letting anyone tell you otherwise. Furthermore, success does not come easily, as there is always a price to pay for it, and you need courage to do that. As Fortune does favour the bold.

This is exactly what this book is about: the ups and downs, the struggles, the certainties and fears, the faith and doubts, all presented in the most humane and inspirational way possible.

This is a most generous account of a man who made it his mission to share his innermost feelings and his insights, by writing the story of his own struggles, relying on his strengths and dismissing weaknesses, laying it all in this most welcome outline of his professional and personal life intertwined, devised in the form of this exceptional recipe of success. Read it and you will find yourself touched, awed and deeply inspired.

Nr. pagini: 192

Format: 20 x 13

Anul aparitiei: 2020


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