Happy Earth 1. Class Book
59,50 lei
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Happy Earth 1. Class Book

Happy Earth 1. Class Book
Preț: 59,50 lei
70,00 lei (-15%)
Disponibilitate: In stoc furnizor
Timp confirmare stoc: 3 - 5 zile lucratoare
Anul publicării: 2008
Categoria: Carte scolara


Happy Earth 1. Class Book, OXFORD UNIVERSITY.

Key features
Happy Earth is a two-level course bridging the gap between primary and lower secondary courses. Designed for upper primary, it takes into account real progress in reading and writing in the early primary years. It can be used as a follow-on course from Happy Street.

Happy Earth extends children's language skills and knowledge about the world through topic-based units. Information about the real world is balanced by animal fun and fantasy subjects of interest to young pre-teens.
Contents: detailed teaching notes
additional photocopiable pairwork activities
unit and cumulative tests, including practice for some of the activity types in the Cambridge Young Learners 'Movers' and 'Flyers' exams

Description: A topic-based course that allows learners to extend their language skills while learning about the world around them.
Author: Bowler, B.& Parminter, S.


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